Yesterday, I received the bring back your book email from Jessamine County Library. Nate and Crystal were making brownies and Sam was down for his nap, so before the UK vs. Baylor game I decided to do so. 

History class was not one of my favorite subjects in jr. high or high school. To be totally honest I straight up didn't like it at all. My 9th grade history teacher had 5 chalk boards and all we did was take notes from those 5 chalk boards. At the beginning of class he'd start writing and wouldn't stop till just a few minutes before the bell would ring. 

Looking back now I wish I'd put more time in to learning what he was trying to teach rather than just write notes.

Oh, back to the library.

So, I returned my book and then went to the information desk and asked did they have any older newspapers on record. The information lady's eye's lit up, and she hopped up and said,"We sure do they're right back here."  

She led me to the microfilm machine. There were some films that went back to the early 1800's. I browsed through a 1918 film and found an advertisement for Glass' Cash Store. 

I don't know why I find this interesting, but do. Have a good monday.

Jody Moore
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Comfort Keepers Annual Food Drive for Seniors

God’s Pantry currently distributes 9,400 bags of Government  commodities to Seniors  every month. 792 of these are delivered in Fayette County.  The balance is distributed in surrounding counties. If a senior is ill or misses their pickup date they will not get commodities for that month.

Every day, a senior will wake up hungry. Often a senior has to choose between medicine, rent or food. Comfort Keepers recognizes this as a critical situation and we want to help.  With your gift, we can ease the Hunger in our most beloved and honored generation.

With your help we can make a difference. Will you please make a gift by March 31st on Comfort Keepers link on God’s Pantry Web Site? www.godspantry.org.  For every 1 dollar you donate, God’s Pantry can purchase 10 dollars worth of food. Just go to the web site hit the link to donate and then you can hit the button for Comfort Keepers and make your donation.

All of us at comfort keepers want to thank you in advance for your assistance in this endeavor.

For any additional information you can contact Bonnie Pozefsky at 859-509-0457 or by email:  bonniepozefsky@comfortkeepers.com.

Drop off Locations in Fayette County

Comfort Keepers Office Located at 2350 Regency Road Suite A.

Hartland Hills Independent Living Facility Located at  1005 Tanbark Road

Suggestions for food items would be Ensure, Pea Soup, small fruit cups and of course peanut butter and crackers.

Drop off Locations in Anderson County

The Senior Center on Township Square

The Chamber office

The Health Department

Helping Hands on Industry Rd.

Drop off Locations in Georgetown

AMEN House

The Chamber Office

Scott County Senior Center 800 Cincinnati Pike